Dear magnetism enthusiast



We are delighted to present the comprehensive program for the upcoming conference in Hobro, hosted at Hotel Amerika ( We anticipate a significant turnout of participants eager to engage in learning, substantive discussions, and networking opportunities with like-minded magnetism enthusiasts.

Start End Duration Program
10:00 10:15 00:15 Coffee, Welcome and practical information
10:15 11:00 00:45 High-frequency bearing currents at inverter supply. - Dr.-Ing. Martin Weicker - Dovitech GmbH
11:00 11:45 00:45 Permanent Magnet Biased Inductors - Dr. Andres Revilla Aguilar - Aalborg university
11:45 12:30 00:45 Topology optimizations of permanent magnets - Andrea Roberto Insinga - DTU Energy 
12:30 13:30 01:00 Lunch
13:30 14:15 00:45 REIA - Dr. Badrinath Veluri - Grundfos a/s
14:15 15:00 00:45 Reuse and sourcing of materials and components - Dr. Keld Folsach Rasmussen - Grundfos a/s
15:00 15:30 00:30 Coffee and networking
15:30 16:15 00:45 Permanente magnets without rare earth elements - Jørgen Houe Pedersen - Aarhus universitet
16:15 17:00 00:45 SMPM og EC motorer  - Thomas Vase  - Fabrika A/S
17:00 17:30 00:30 Scholarship travel Sydney - "Magnetism and quantum simulations" - Peter Beck - Student Copenhagen
17:30 18:00 00:30 Scholarship travel New Zealand - Super ledere CERN - Stefan Dalgaard Thomsen - CERN
18:00 23:00 05:00 Dinner, Forest walk, Fjord Visit, Networking, and Evening drinks
Start End Duration Program
08:00 08:30 00:30 Breakfast
08:30 09:15 00:45 Permanent Magnet Materials in Europe - Dr. Bernd Grieb - PPM materials
09:15 10:00 00:45 The Not-So-Rare Earth Elements: A question of supply and demand - Per Kalvig - GEUS
10:00 10:30 00:30 Coffee and networking
10:30 11:00 00:30 Simulation of electromagnetic motors using Comsol 6.2 - Thure Ralfs - Comsol
11:00 11:45 00:45 Brushless motor design using SMC materials - Dr. Flemming Buus Bendixen - Sintex
11:45 12:30 00:45 iDS Integrated Drive System - Gerald Roempp - Alvier Mechatronics (Höganäs Engineering Service Company)
12:30 13:20 00:50 Lunch
13:20 13:30 00:10 Transportation to Sintex
13:30 15:30 02:00 Visit Sintex to see production facilities + conference end

Please note that the program may be subject to changes.


Conference Registration and Fees:

The conference registration fee is set at 1,800 DKK and applies to all individuals interested in attending the conference. Unfortunately, we do not offer fee reductions for partial attendance.

 Invited speakers don't need to pay the registration fee for their own presentation. However, if they wish to participate in additional segments or the entire conference, they will need to pay a fee of 900 DKK.


Sponsorship by the Danish Magnetics Society:

The Danish Magnetics Society is pleased to announce its commitment to cover the conference registration fee and hotel expenses for scholarship recipients, namely Peter Beck and Stefan Dalgaard Thomsen. Please let us know if you plan to participate in the conference and require overnight accommodation.


Hotel Accommodation:

We have successfully negotiated a special room rate of 800 DKK per night at the designated hotel. Check-in time for rooms begins at 15:00, with payments to be settled directly with the hotel on the morning of departure. Check-out is scheduled for no later than 11:00.

 To secure the advantageous room rate, we kindly request that room reservations be made concurrently with your conference registration. Should you wish to extend your stay beyond the conference dates, please feel free to send us an email with your precise arrival and departure details.



Registration for the conference begins by sending an e-mail to  with your:

  1. full name:
  2. affiliation:
  3. phone number:
  4. e-mail:
  5. I require a hotel room:

Subsequently, you will receive an invoice for the conference fee with payment details. If you have specific invoicing requirements, you may respond directly to this email with the necessary information.

On the invoice you will find detailed instruction for the payment.

Payment can only be made through a direct bank transfer or via MobilePay, please remember to state invoice number as the text message in both cases. It might be more convenient for you to cover the meal expenses (which is the conference fee) privately and then seek reimbursement from your company or institution using the invoice provided.

Please be aware that you must pay the full conference fee of 1.800 DKK in advance to attend the conference! Therefore, we must receive the full amount by November 8th at 12:00 PM (noon).

Please note that due to the overwhelming interest in the conference, we have a limited number of available slots for participants. Therefore, we encourage you to act promptly to secure your spot.


Online attendance is now possible:

We have just opened a new possibility for interested participants.

You can attend the Danish magnetics society conference 14-15 November online via teams.

The price for attending the conference virtually is the same as if you will attend physically, 1.800 DKK.

Please reply to  before 1/11 if it has your interest!

I will then send you an invitation for teams meeting.

Please note that registration is only secured, when we receive the registration fee, the deadline for this is still 8/11 at 12:00 PM.

If you have already received an invoice you can use that.

Otherwise I can send you a new invoice, please let me know.


Warm regards,

Danish Magnetics Society

Flemming Buus Bendixen